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Who are we?

ACCRTA is a professional group of municipal clerks, recorders, and treasurers.  our mission is to provide support and educational resources to one another in order to better support the cities we have sworn to serve.

Arkansas is home to more than 500 municipalities and this organization of professional's goal is to provide essential knowledge to its members to help improve the administration of local government throughout each municipality.

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About Us

ACCRTA is dedicated to perpetuating and developing the organization as a body within the Arkansas Municipal League and promotes the application of the best methods of conducting the affairs of the offices of City Clerks, Recorders and Treasurers in the great State of Arkansas.​​Within the ACCRTA website you will find resources that we hope will assist you in performing your duties and support your community.

Education Opportunities

Each year our association holds informative and
instructional District Workshops!

Presentations by special speakers and member participation in these seminars qualify for Certified Municipal Clerks continuing education credits.


An opportunity for members to meet in an informal setting
and exchange ideas!

Stack of Books
Mentorship Program

If you have just been elected to this position, or a Clerk who has been in office for many years, our association can provide you with a mentor to help guide you through your role in municipal government.


We are here to help you in any way that may be needed!

Toolbox Essentials

Stay Connected!

ACCRTA - The Right Choice

Cities experience unexpected challenges, subscribe  to stay up to date with our resources!

Arkansas Government Finance Officers Association

Over 200 Active Members and Counting!

Representing over 500 Municipalities in Arkansas

Various Committees to Participate in

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